Our Band first formed in 1991 in Coop's garage studio located in Lindenhurst  where we froze all winter and boiled all summer.  After many years of jamming, a core group emerged into what is now The Brotherhood. After playing a few private affairs, we decided to go out and self promote our music and stage personality. The result is a  finely tuned band who's main goal is to entertain and have fun. With jokes aplenty and a constantly changing song menu, we hope to keep each and every show fresh and full of energy.  With Coop at the mike  and Brother R. Diddy  on lead guitar hammering out complicated riffs, DC holding up the bottom end with his bass prowess, Caity stepping up for solo vocals , and JC contributing both rhythm guitar and keyboards, the show often ends up with fans quite satisfied yet screaming  for more.  The new and improved lineup features veteran Tommy La with his earth shaking drum beats!
    Ever since those garage band days, we’ve been playing our hearts out at local venues, working on new material and waiting for our big break so we can quit our day jobs!
Email us at Thebrotherhoodlive@gmail.com for information on upcoming events. Get on the mailing list for notification of  our next  venue.
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